About JED Campus

With support from the Jed Foundation, JAVĿ¼ supports the emotional well-being of our students and creates positive, systemic changes in our community.

JAVĿ¼ is a member of JED Campus. This collaborative process studies, assesses, and recommends comprehensive systems, programs, and policies to build upon existing resources for student mental health, substance misuse, and suicide prevention. 

As a JED Campus, JAVĿ¼ has embarked on a multi-year strategic collaboration that not only assesses and enhances the work that is already being done but also helps create lasting change for our campus.


Since 2019, JAVĿ¼ has collaborated with JED Campus to assess and enhance comprehensive mental health promotion and substance abuse and suicide prevention on campus.

January 2023: Efforts of the initiative are being observed within the campus culture. As of this date, over 300 members of the campus community have participated in Question, Persuade and Refer (QPR) training. 

October 2022: Campus hosted Kevin Hines, an American suicide prevention speaker. This event was attended by close to 400 members of the campus community.

May 2022: Year one report submitted to Cabinet and Board of Trustees for review

May 2021: JED strategic plan is developed and planning begins on executing actionable steps. 

April 2021: Health Minds Survey data is obtained with 800 student responses to the survey. 

February 2021: JED Task Force is formed and convenes for Kick-Off event; Healthy Minds Survey is launched. 

December 2020: Re-engagement with JED advisor with pledged commitment to turn the focus back to JED planning for the Spring 2021 semester. 

March 2020: COVID pandemic begins and JAVĿ¼ moves to online learning with a focus on COVID response and planning. 

October 2019: February 2020- Planning and collaboration were begun with JED Foundation. 

September 2019: Strategic Funds were requested and approved to apply to become a JED campus. 

JED Campus Strategic Priorities

Through a comprehensive evaluation of JAVĿ¼'s practices, policies, and programs related to campus mental health and wellness best practices, the JED Campus task force identified seven strategic priorities for year two:

  • Gatekeeper training
  • Help-seeking behavior
  • Leave policies
  • Postvention protocol
  • Emergency response
  • Promoting social connectedness
  • Strategic planning
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    The Jed Foundation

    JED Campus is a nationwide initiative of . The program is designed to empower schools with a framework and customized support to enhance student mental health, as well as and suicide and substance abuse prevention efforts.