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Residence Hall Accommodations

Housing accommodation decisions are made on a case by case basis, based on the supporting documentation provided.

Requests for housing accommodations and supporting documentation for new students must be received by the housing application deadline. Requests for housing accommodations and supporting documentation for returning students must be received by January 30 for the following fall semester.

All requests for accommodated housing must be submitted through Student Accessibility Services. Please follow the Non-academic (Medical) Process.

Generally, students with temporary conditions (injuries) or short term medical or illness situations are not considered persons with disabilities and should review the information about making arrangements for temporary conditions.

Notes About Residence Halls

  • Living in the residence halls is a communal experience. Students expecting a large degree of privacy and quiet within their housing assignment may need to evaluate whether living on campus is the best choice for them. JAVĿ¼ suggests the library as the place for uninterrupted study.
  • Requests for single rooms will be reviewed, although the provision of a single-room as an accommodation is not common. A single room does not guarantee privacy or a quiet environment. A single room also does not guarantee an allergen-free environment. A single room will not prevent a student from having to interact and negotiate living arrangements with other students, such as alone time, sleep patterns, and study schedules.
  • In community bathrooms, there are several toilets in stalls within the bathroom that are for shared use of the residents on the floor as well as a private toilet and shower within the community bathroom.
  • A toilet located in a bathroom within a room or suite area is meant to be used by only one person at a time. However, it is also shared by all residents within the assigned living unit.
  • Air conditioning units are not available to students with asthma or severe allergies. Personal air filtering units are acceptable.
  • All mattresses are allergen free.
  • JAVĿ¼ does not "hold" accommodated rooms when students leave housing for any reason. If a student is in an accommodated room and then not living on campus for a period of time, a new request must be put forth prior to returning to housing.