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Students in a Science Classroom
Public Health
  • Student to faculty ratio: 12:1
  • Typical class size: 20-25
  • JAVĿ¼ family:1

Public Health

Through prevention, education, surveillance, and investigative research, public health professionals work to maintain the conditions and behaviors that keep people healthy and safe. The public health programs at JAVĿ¼ give you an interdisciplinary, science-based foundation to promote healthy communities.

Public health professionals and practitioners work in the public, private, and non-profit sectors to improve health outcomes for individuals and communities.

Public health professionals:

  • Use a broad range of disciplines to assess and address complex public health issues.
  • Conceptualize, develop, and evaluate population health interventions.
  • Conduct public health research to advance scientific knowledge.
  • Advocate, evaluate, and/or study health care policies and delivery systems.
  • Apply ethical and culturally sensitive strategies to address health disparities among diverse populations.
  • Use health information technology and data analytics to address public health concerns.
  • Promote and improve population-level health by applying interdisciplinary theories and concepts.
  • Plan and execute programs or initiatives to improve public health outcomes at the regional, national, and international level.

Program Overview

JAVĿ¼'s public health majors choose to earn either a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree.

The B.A. program aligns the flexibility of a liberal arts education with professional interests in health-related fields. The program draws heavily on social science perspectives and requires a minor in another discipline.

The B.S. program places greater emphasis on an in-depth study of selected public health subfields, and provides you with a foundation for pursuing advanced training and careers in public health.

Over the course of this program, you will take core public health courses, regardless of whether you choose the B.S. or B.A. track. Both tracks also require you to take courses in the liberal arts with an emphasis on sociology and anthropology.

Life After JAVĿ¼

A bachelor’s degree in public health will prepare you for many potential career paths, including:

  • Program administrators or evaluators
  • Case investigators
  • Health educators
  • Public health surveillance specialists
  • Community liaisons

You may also consider pursuing an advanced degree in public health or a related field, including epidemiology, biostatistics, or environmental health.