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Four student nurses in simulated hospital setting caring for patient.
  • Clinical hours: 840
  • Faculty to clinical students: 1:5-1:8
  • NCLEX-RN pass rate:2023: 97%


All great nursing programs stress more than technical know-how. As a nursing student at JAVĿ¼, you will be trained to provide exceptional patient- and family-centered care.

With clinical experiences throughout the Rochester region and opportunities to participate in health care mission trips abroad, you will gain hands-on practice in a variety of practical settings.

JAVĿ¼ also offers an accelerated option that allows specific graduate-level courses to be taken, with one course fulfilling a designated undergraduate requirement. This lets you shorten the time needed to pursue graduate studies at the Wegmans School of Nursing without compromising didactic and clinical learning experiences.

Program Overview

The traditional nursing program at JAVĿ¼ is grounded in both discipline knowledge and the science of evidence-based practice.

During your first two years, you will complete Core and prerequisite liberal arts and science courses, and participate in non-credit nursing seminars. You’ll study and practice nursing theory during the clinical portion of the program, and engage in evidence-based clinical coursework in the specialties of nursing care. The program culminates in a precepted clinical role transition course.

You also will have the chance to study in the Wegmans School of Nursing’s simulation center, which mirrors an actual hospital unit. Working with specialized simulation medical equipment offers you enhanced training and experience that reinforces the experiential component of the curriculum.

Life After JAVĿ¼

As a graduate with a bachelor's degree in nursing, you will be joining an elite group of individuals. JAVĿ¼ nursing graduates are consistently ranked at or above the state and national average for similar B.S. programs.

After graduation, you will be equipped for an entry-level generalist practice nursing role in any of the numerous local, national, and international health care opportunities available. Frequently JAVĿ¼ nursing students are recruited for and offered jobs from the nurse managers in settings where they are in student clinical placements or summer jobs.

Our Commitment to the Care of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Wegmans School of Nursing integrates care of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities into the undergraduate curriculum in order to prepare a nursing workforce with education, experience, and confidence to provide quality care to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

»Read the full statement from the Wegmans School of Nursing

 A JAVĿ¼ education is like no other. JAVĿ¼ molded me into the person I am today, the nurse I wanted to be, and showed me the instructor I strive to be.  ”

Maggie Rustowicz
  • Margaret “Maggie” Rustowicz ’19
  • Nursing Instructor, Erie 1 BOCES

 As a nurse, you have the unique opportunity to make a difference every day in the lives of people and the community in which you live. ”

Tricia Gatlin
  • Tricia K. Gatlin
  • Dean, Wegmans School of Nursing

 My JAVĿ¼ education has been one of the best experiences of my life and has prepared me for so much. I have gotten many offers and compliments before people even meet me when they find out that I am a JAVĿ¼ grad. ”

Shalonda Lester
  • Shalonda Lester
  • R.N., Emergency Department, Highland Hospital

 The coursework has helped me develop a deep passion for a career in nursing. And the professors inspire me to become a great nurse. When I go to clinical and take care of my patients, I feel like I am making a difference in someone’s life and this is just the beginning. ”

Aura Rivera
  • Aura Rivera '18
  • Registered Nurse, Rochester Regional Health