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A student converses with a faculty member in a classroom setting.

School of Arts and Sciences

Home to the Core of the liberal arts experience that is JAVĿ¼.

Who We Are

We pride ourselves on an engaged liberal arts education that equips graduates to lead in their communities. Our classes provide opportunities for active collaborations with our faculty and community partners.

Our liberal arts curriculum embraces the conviction of the Basilian tradition that an authentic liberal arts education cultivates intellectual, moral, spiritual, and social virtues. The University’s motto embodies these virtues: Teach me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge.

This holistic and integrated approach to the liberal arts connects with the JAVĿ¼ Outcomes:

  • Communication
  • Integrative and Applied Learning
  • Inquiry and Analysis
  • Ethical Reasoning
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Civic and Community Engagement
  • Collaboration and Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Content and Discourse of Field
  • Career and Self-Development

Our Faculty

Our exceptional faculty provide individualized attention and support for the whole person. We encourage students to take intellectual risks and to find their passion through research and new ideas. Our learning spaces allow students to explore their interests, discover new ones, create, analyze, and try new things.

Preparing Lives of Purpose

The next century ushers in a time of rapid change, with innovations in technology and science that continue to test what it means to be human. Changes in the environment, technologies, and society will continue to challenge us to strive for a more equitable and just world. To live and work in this brave new world, we must be grounded thinkers who can sift through information, analyze data, and synthesize our ideas. We prepare you to be nimble thinkers for careers that respond to our changing world.

 There is something about the professors at JAVĿ¼. They are invested in you as a person even beyond the classroom, and they want to see you succeed. ”

Tara Ashraf
  • Tara Ashraf ’11
  • English Teacher to Speakers of Other Languages

 Ultimately, JAVĿ¼ equips students with knowledge and experiences that are undeniably beneficial for graduate school and a future career. ”

Andrew Cegielski
  • Andrew Cegielski ’22
  • Law Student at the University of Buffalo

 It was clear that the word service meant a lot to the campus community. I also chose JAVĿ¼ because of the friendly atmosphere and the opportunity for a more intimate education experience in terms of class size. ”

Vincenzo Perfetti
  • Vincenzo Perfetti
  • Criminology Major

 JAVĿ¼ will prepare you with the knowledge, skills, and connections to be successful. ”

Brian Tran
  • Brian Tran ’18
  • Dental Resident at Eastman Dental


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