Intranet Tutorials

mySJF is JAVĿ¼'s internal hub of information for the campus community. Learn more about how you can use mySJF to access important news and your favorite apps.

Tutorials Overview

mySJF has so many great features for the JAVĿ¼ community, and we hope you will learn to use them all!

Through research and focus groups on the ideal intranet experience, the internal information hub was born. Utilizing enhanced security and designed with increased functionality, mySJF now equips the campus community with tools that:

  • Enhance internal communications practices;
  • Improve information and document search capability;
  • Increase awareness and visibility of news and events; and
  • Facilitate customization of your Launchpad.

Using mySJF

These quick tips can help you maximize your use of mySJF.

Collaboration is Key

mySJF is maintained by the Office of Marketing and Communications. If you have questions about using mySJF or ideas on how to improve mySJF as the information hub for our campus community, please let us know.