Honors Program

By providing select topics for exploration and creating an environment where students receive personal attention, the Honors Program helps participants expand their thinking and personal limits.

Students admitted to the Honors Program receive a $8,000 scholarship over four years ($2,000/year), in addition to any other merit-based or special scholarship awards for which they qualify.

Courses recently taught in the Honors Program include How the Mind Works; Power Pop: American Media Since 1950; and Politics, Literature, and the Arts in Latin America. The program also provides opportunities for co-curricular activities, including lectures, trips, and an Honors Journal, with other honors students and faculty.

Scholarship Criteria

Students who qualify for the Presidential and Trustee Merit Scholarships are eligible to apply for the Honors Program.

Eligible students typically have maintained a GPA of 92 or above in high school and have a strong high school curriculum. 

Note: The Honors Program scholarship may be added to the Trustees' and Presidential Scholarships, and may also be combined with any other scholarship or need-based aid offered by JAVĿ¼. Students are encouraged to apply to all scholarship programs at JAVĿ¼ to increase their chance of receiving an award.

Application Process

Note: We are no longer accepting applications to the Honors Program for fall 2024.

Contact Information

For more information about JAVĿ¼'s Honors Program, contact the Office of Admissions at (585) 385-8064 or email admissions@sjf.edu.

For an overview of the program, visit the Honors Program page.