Supervisors of Student Employees

Student Employment Process for Supervisors

There are necessary documents that must be on file with the Payroll Department prior to hiring a student employee.  In addition, employment paperwork must be completed, then approved by a Payroll Department representative, prior to a student beginning to work. Refer to the steps below for detailed information.

  • Department/School has a work-study or non-work study budget to support hiring a student employee.
  • An approved Student Job Description Form [pdf] is on file with payroll.
  • A student accepts a position.
  • If you are hiring a student that has never worked for the University, the student must be prepared to complete an , presenting acceptable identification documents to a Payroll Department representative. A complete list of acceptable documents is included with the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form.  
  • The student and supervisor complete a Student Employment Form [pdf].  The student completes Section 1. The supervisor completes Section 2. All information must be provided.
  • The student brings the completed Student Employment Form to the Payroll Department.  The student may need to complete other employment paperwork at the Payroll Department: I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form, NYS Notice and Acknowledgement of Pay Rate and Pay Day Form, NYS Employee Opt-Out of Paid Family Leave Benefits Form, , , or Direct Deposit Request Form [pdf].
  • Once the Student Employment Form has been approved and processed by a payroll representative, the supervisor will receive an email from the Payroll Department.  At that time, the student may begin working.
  • Payroll is processed bi-weekly.  Each pay period the student will complete an electronic timesheet for the hours worked. Detailed instructions are available on the Web Time Entry page.  The student will submit their electronic timesheet to the supervisor/approver for approval by the due date and time as determined by the supervisor/approver and/or the Payroll Schedules [pdf].
  • Payday arrives. If the student has elected direct deposit, they can view their direct deposit payroll information on the Employee Services module of . If the student did not elect direct deposit, the paycheck will be mailed to the student's legal mailing address.  If a paycheck is lost, destroyed, stolen, or stale dated and must be replaced, contact the Payroll Department.