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Students enrolled in the Executive Internship Program
Executive Internship Program
  • Positions: 8
  • Hours per week: 8–10
  • JAVĿ¼ family:1

Executive Internship Program

The Executive Internship Program was established in 2016 and is designed for juniors and seniors who have an interest in higher education and in understanding executive leadership in a collegiate setting.

As an executive intern, students gain a deeper understanding of higher education leadership while also experiencing it. They engage in strategic discussions, further develop management skills, gain experience in project-based work, and become familiar with and participate in the internal and external workings of JAVĿ¼.

Students engaged in the Executive Internship Program at JAVĿ¼.

In its first year, the program included positions in the Office of the President, Division of Institutional Advancement, Division of Student Affairs, and the Office of Marketing and Communications. Today, the program has grown to include positions in the Enrollment Management Division, Division of Financial Affairs, Office of the Provost, and Intercollegiate Athletics. The vision of this internship is to continue its growth to give interns the opportunity to explore various careers in higher education.

Program Goals

  • Provide student with a better understanding of careers in higher education.
  • Give JAVĿ¼ students more internship opportunities with the ease of staying on campus.
  • Educate interns about professional development skills to prepare them for their future careers.

The program is supported by Jeff Taylor of Monroe Roadways.

 I look back at my executive internship as one of my greatest experiences at JAVĿ¼. During the internship, I honed in on different skills that I use every day in my career now — copywriting, photography, video, design, and marketing strategy. Thanks to experiences like this, I was well prepared to quickly climb the ladder and become a leader at my company post-graduation. ”

Ashley Flanagan

 Through the Executive Internship program, I was able to gain support that has helped guide me in the beginning of my professional career. ”

Pat Leahy

 The Executive Internship gave me the confidence to lead. It opened up my network to alumni from across the country that I still keep in touch with today. ”

Erica Schultz