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Celebrating 75 Years

Best Days Ahead

“JAVĿ¼'s best days are ahead of it. I cannot conceive of the expansion that's happened here since the Pioneer Class graduated. I think the expansion will continue to the same degree in the future.”
- Jack Palvino ’55, Pioneer Class

A History of Growth and Success

“We've done so much in 75 years. I can't wait to see what we're going to do in the next 75 years.” - Rebecca Pelino ’86, Board Member

Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge

JAVĿ¼ challenges you as a person. It's more than just academics. You kind of find out who you are as a person.” - Jeffrey Kyles 92, 97

True to Our Mission

“That focus on the JAVĿ¼ family is as true today as it was 75 years ago when this institution started.” - Dr. Theresa Westbay, Associate Professor of Biology

JAVĿ¼'s story of success has been written by its students, faculty, staff, leaders, and alumni, and the institutional impact on the community has been profound.


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