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Murphy Hall
Murphy Hall
  • Hall Population: 150
  • Resident Assistants: 6
  • Year Built:1966

Murphy Hall

Murphy Hall is named for Reverend John F. Murphy, CSB, JAVĿ¼'s first president.

Murphy Hall is located next to the baseball and softball fields and is also home to one of the campus dining halls. Each floor has a lounge, two community bathrooms, and laundry facilities.


Year Built: 1966
Hall Population: 150

Hall Features

Floor Plan: Corridor style. Double on ground and main floors. Singles, doubles, and a standard triple room on the second floor. All rooms have a sink.  Community bathrooms. 
Resident Assistants: 6.
Student Population: First-year students.
Gender: Male and female, by floor, by room.
Amenities: Murphy Dining Hall. Lounges with stovetop and microwave. Free laundry facilities on each floor. Vending machines and wireless internet.
Fire Safety: Smoke detectors and alarms.

Room Features & Dimensions

Avg. Room Size (Double Rooms): 11' x 20'
Avg. Room Size (Single Rooms): 9' x 12'                                                                                      Avg. Room Size (Triple Room): 12 x 24'
Heating/Cooling: Building-wide heating, no air conditioning.
Lighting: Overhead lighting
One twin extra-long bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, and closet per resident.
Bed & Mattress: Mattresses are twin extra-long (80" long and 37" wide). Beds may be bunked; however, lofting is not permitted. An un-lofted bed is fully adjustable, allowing the bed to be off the floor between 10" – 30".
Avg. Closet Size: 22" deep, 40" wide, and 60" tall.  Each closet includes a hanger bar and storage shelf on top.

Room Set-Up

Due to a limited supply of extra bed frames, beds may not be lofted in single and double rooms; however, the height of each bed is adjustable. Although the beds are not lofted, they will be set to the highest adjustment permitted by the manufacturer (approximately 30 in. high). This is the most common furniture set-up that students request.

Facilities Services will be available in the residence halls on move-in day to assist students who wish to adjust their bed height or move furniture.

Room Layouts