International Student Admissions

JAVĿ¼ welcomes applications from qualified international students for study. All applicants must submit a fully-completed application and certified copies of any required documents.

First-Year Admissions

Apply through First-Year Admissions if you are an international student entering JAVĿ¼ right from high school, or if you have never attended college. If you have questions, contact Emily Trotman, admissions counselor at (585) 385-8064 or via email

Transfer Admissions

Apply through Transfer Admissions if you are an international student transferring to JAVĿ¼ from another college or university. Connect with your transfer admissions counselor if you have specific questions.

Graduate Admissions

Apply through Graduate Admissions if you are an international student and have completed (or are near completing) a bachelor's degree and wish to pursue an advanced degree. If you have questions, please connect with your graduate admissions counselor.