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Use JAVĿ¼Link to communicate and schedule appointments with faculty, advisors, and staff within your personalized network.

Sample from Services screen in JAVĿ¼Link.

Sample from Services screen in JAVĿ¼Link.

Get connected to what you need—faster. On (login required), you'll find quick and convenient ways to get in touch with your success network including faculty and advisors.

You can:

  • Schedule appointments with your advisor.
  • Explore academic support services at your fingertips.
  • Raise your hand to ask for help.
  • Receive kudos and feedback about progress.


JAVĿ¼Link Training Resources

JAVĿ¼Link Student Resources

JAVĿ¼Link Student Resources

You can access the system at mySJF, or by following the links on this page. will automatically provide you with connections to your current instructors, advisors, and campus services. The JAVĿ¼Link platform can help us support you when you need it and make it easy for you to find the right people and services.

Your Profile

To get connected:

  1. Upload a photo.
  2. Add your mobile number.
  3. Prefer text notifications? Simply click on the mobile icon to the right of the “Alternate Email” and follow the instructions! Be sure to check the box that sends correspondence to “Both.”

NOTE: This does not change your official contact information for JAVĿ¼. To update that information, you must contact the Registrar.

Your Success Network

Your Success Network lists the people and resources that are available to assist you. For each person or service listed, you will find contact information and supporting websites.

Student Guide to JAVĿ¼Link [pdf]

JAVĿ¼Link Faculty and Staff Resources

JAVĿ¼Link Faculty and Staff Resources

Our students' success is a team effort. JAVĿ¼Link is a platform for members of the JAVĿ¼ community to increase student persistence, improve engagement, and assist with degree progression. JAVĿ¼Link facilitates communication among staff and faculty and allows you to efficiently deliver accurate, consistent, and informed guidance to students and other members of their advising team. It gives faculty, students, and staff the opportunity to connect in an easy-to-use, centralized platform.

Welcome to JAVĿ¼Link!

Easily communicate with the right people at the right time to make an instant impact on student success.

You can access the system via mySJF (login required). JAVĿ¼Link will automatically provide you with connections to your current students.

Feel free to use our supplemental syllabus statement and remind your students of the importance of checking their @sjf.edu email, or forwarding it to their personal account.

Getting Started

  • Set up your profile.
  • Attend a training (email ccap@sjf.edu to set up a personal appointment)
Set Up Your Profile
  • Some of your profile, such as your contact information, is imported from Banner.
    • Click on your name in the Top Navigation bar and select the Institutional Profile tab.
  • Help students put a face to your name by using the Upload Photo link beneath your existing photo or placeholder to upload a photo.
    • Browse to a photo file (.jpg, .png, or .gif), and then click the Upload Now button to update your photo.
  • Edit your Phone and add an Alternate Email address to have JAVĿ¼Link send email to an address other than your JAVĿ¼ email. Select the Both radio button to receive email at both accounts.
  • Double-check that the time zone selected matches your time zone. This time zone will be used when including appointment times in emails from JAVĿ¼Link.
  • Add information to the General Overview and My Biography sections to let students know a bit more about you. This information will appear to students who can make appointments with you in JAVĿ¼Link.
  • Click the Submit button to save your changes.

Your Home page includes access to your personalized profile and dashboard.

Contact us: ccap@sjf.edu 

Resources and Training

Contact ccap@sjf.edu with any questions.