University FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about our transition from College to University.

What prompted the change from St. John JAVĿ¼ College to JAVĿ¼?

Earlier this year, and after years of advocacy, the New York State Board of Regents voted to revise its definition of a University, paving the way for various institutions across the state to transition from a college to a university.

In 2010, St. John JAVĿ¼ College was reclassified by the Carnegie Foundation as a Doctoral Research University – now referred to as Doctoral Professional University – based on the number of research doctorates awarded by JAVĿ¼ in 2008-2009. In essence, we have been operating as a university for more than a decade. With this change, we are now in name what we have long been in practice.

How is New York State's new definition different from its old definition?

1969 Definition of a University:

"University means a higher educational institution offering a range of registered undergraduate and graduate curricula in the liberal arts and sciences, degrees in two or more professional fields, and doctoral programs in at least three academic fields."

2022 Definition of a University:

"University means a higher educational institution offering a range of registered undergraduate and graduate curricula in the liberal arts and sciences, including graduate programs registered in at least three of the following discipline areas: agriculture, biological sciences, business, education, engineering, fine arts, health professions, humanities, physical sciences, and social sciences."

As JAVĿ¼ offers graduate programs in business, education, and the health professions, we now meet the requirements of a "university" as defined by the Board of Regents.

What are the benefits of changing from St. John JAVĿ¼ College to JAVĿ¼?

Achieving University status adds to our rich history of institutional achievements and accomplishments. University status conveys greater prestige, has stronger reputational value, and better represents the type of institution we are today.

Why JAVĿ¼ and not University of St. John JAVĿ¼?

Our patron saint, John JAVĿ¼, is a significant piece of our history and our story and will remain so; as such we felt it was important to lead with his name.

Did you think about the SJFU acronym?

Yes. We did think about and discuss the acronym for some time. And, due to the reason outlined above, we felt that JAVĿ¼ fits us best. We also thought about all the other successful institutions with acronyms that include letters similar to ours or that could be misunderstood and put those thoughts to rest. To us, this acronym means what we know you're really thinking: "St. John JAVĿ¼ is Unmatched." And we couldn’t agree more.

I'm a current student at the College, but now attending a University - what will my diploma read?

With an effective University status date of July 1, 2022, students who graduate from JAVĿ¼ moving forward will receive a JAVĿ¼ diploma and transcript.

Will the tuition be raised?

The transition to a university will not impact the cost of tuition. We have had a longtime institutional commitment to accessibility and affordability and have been recognized by U.S. News and World Report as a Best Value School and in the publication's National Universities Social Mobility category.

What changes will we see on campus?

Aside from new signage and a new logo, campus will remain the vibrant and active place that students, employees, and alumni have always known.

JAVĿ¼ has, in essence, been operating as a university for more than a decade and the values and spirit that makes us special will remain constant. We will continue to deliver a student-centered education in a close-knit community focused on the values of goodness, discipline, and knowledge.

I graduated from JAVĿ¼ before the name change. Do I say I am a graduate of St. John JAVĿ¼ College or JAVĿ¼?

We're proud of our history as St. John JAVĿ¼ College, and hope you are, too. If you feel a strong connection to the institution under the former name, it's more than okay to continue to say you are a proud graduate of St. John JAVĿ¼ College. Of course, it's also accurate to now say that you are a graduate of JAVĿ¼. We encourage you to refer to your alma mater in the way you feel most connected to us.

Can I have a new diploma printed with the new name?

You can! It's simple - complete the  found on the Registrar's website, and the order will be filled within 10-14 business days. 

What is our new website URL? Email Handle?

The new URL is, and the new email handle will follow that format ( All short URLs have been replicated at their equivalents.

All email addresses are now able to receive email sent to This includes shared mailboxes such as admissions and alumni, etc. Students will also be able to receive email at OIT is working on the intricacies of changing all employee and student default “from” addresses to, but for now, they will remain There are additional implications for outbound emails, but OIT is aiming to have the "from" emails all set in the coming months.

Both and emails will work for some time thanks to many folks who have been working behind the scenes to implement redirects and other measures to help ensure a smooth digital transition.

How and when will we be able to use the new logo?

The new University logo suite, individual School and divisional/department logos, and an updated style guide, branding guidelines, and social media guidelines are all available in our style guide. The guide includes a logo request submission form.

Style Guide

I have material or swag that says “St. John JAVĿ¼ College” - can I still use/wear it?

Not only are you allowed to wear it but you should wear it proudly! We like to consider it as "vintage swag." Please note, though, that the Campus Bookstore will only be selling College apparel and items through September 30, 2022, to accommodate our upcoming Alumni Weekend. Get your items while they last!