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Next Generation Learning Initiative

Collaboration and connection at your fingertips.

The initiative, which provides all undergraduate students with an Apple iPad and accessories, will connect you to your campus community, to each other, and to the world through a dynamic mobile environment. You will be prepared for a world that is increasingly digital, global, and complex and gain the academic, professional, and ethical skills required to be successful digital citizens.

iJAVĿ¼ Next Generation Learning Initiative

iJAVĿ¼ will transform the teaching and learning experience provided to JAVĿ¼ students. Through iJAVĿ¼, you will receive an iPad, keyboard, and Apple Pencil beginning in your first year that will stay with you throughout your JAVĿ¼ experience.

Strengthen collaboration, increase critical thinking, and expand your creativity through this technology and integrated approach, all with an eye toward your career readiness for the complex global and digital world around us.

iJAVĿ¼ Next Generation Learning Initiative: Fostering Active Learning

Through iJAVĿ¼, students are able to share their iPad screens seamlessly to promote visual discussions in the classroom for more active and engaged learning.

iJAVĿ¼ Next Generation Learning Initiative: Promoting Digital Literacy

Shared technology through iJAVĿ¼ enhances learning among peer groups to develop digital literacy. A common learning platform ensures that all students, regardless of socioeconomic background, have access to tools and technologies to promote success.

iJAVĿ¼ Next Generation Learning Initiative: Nurturing Multimedia Creativity

Through iJAVĿ¼, students experiment with integrated apps to enhance learning experiences. Access to cutting-edge technology prepares JAVĿ¼ students for success in our increasingly technological world.

A student collecting a water sample in a boat.
Cultivating Creators

Students are not just consumers of educational content. They are creating their own movies, animations, and more.

“Using one platform fosters peer support organically. Students have better access to advising materials where we share and work on documents concurrently."
Chris Keffer
Chris Keffer
Senior Career and Academic Planning Advisor
Students participate in an international project.
Cutting-edge Collaboration

From the classroom to the court: students, professors, and coaches are able to maximize collaboration.

"Having the iPad helped me stay more organized, and I developed my notetaking skills on a deeper level as well."
Terrence Reid
Terrence Reid '22
Management Major

Next Generation Learning

Connecting our campus community with iPads and Apple accessories to equip JAVĿ¼ students as digital citizens.

"The greatest potential of the technology lies in the way that the iPads allow students to do things outside of the classroom."
Jonathan Shelley
Jonathan Shelley
Assistant Professor, English
A student shows the ebook she made using her iPad.
Engaging E-Resources

Students can utilize e-textbooks, and some students have even created their own e-books.

"Everyone has an iPad so everyone has the same ability to do split-screen. With this technology, it's been a game-changer."
Emily Tollar
Emily Tollar
Education Major
Student taking notes on iPad.
Next Generation Notetaking

JAVĿ¼ has seen enhanced notetaking with the use of the Notability app.


 The iPad made notetaking and studying easy and enjoyable and helped me learn biology in a new, exciting way. ”

 Having an Apple base we can use to launch applications for class creation allows us to create the best student experience possible. ”

Melissa Ghera

 Having this iPad where I can see the diagrams and follow along in class, really helped me to do well in my first semester. ”