From Undergraduate to Neuropsychologist

September 27, 2023

Rochester native Suzannah Sheeran graduated with a psychology degree and a minor in philosophy. She felt that JAVĿ¼ was the right place to earn her bachelor’s degree.

Suzannah Sheeran

The sense of community on campus was one of the major components of her education that Sheeran feels equipped her for success. Having a support system of close friends was important to her, as was being placed in smaller classes where she could form strong bonds with both her classmates and her instructors.

Besides the community, another key aspect of her time at JAVĿ¼ was the level of professional development support she was able to receive. She credited the Center for Career and Academic Planning (CCAP) as being extremely supportive of her efforts to begin her professional career. “Dr. Julia Overton-Healy has really helped me prepare for my future as a professional. I’m very thankful to CCAP for all of their guidance throughout my four years,” she said.

Sheeran has already set her plans for after graduation. Shortly after finishing her degree, she started her job at the University of Rochester Medical Center as a member of the psychiatric unit. While beginning her career in this capacity, she also hopes to begin applying to graduate schools to continue her education.

In the coming years, she hopes to enroll in a doctoral program, with the goal of performing research as a neuropsychologist. She feels JAVĿ¼ prepared her well for any opportunities that come her way. “I’ve continued to learn how to advocate for myself and I have met so many faculty and staff who have given great advice that has helped me these past four years and advice for the future,” she said.