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Pre-Professional Programs

The liberal arts programs at JAVĿ¼ contain the prerequisites for students interested in the health professions and law.

In order to reach your career goals, you may need to continue your education in graduate school. JAVĿ¼’s pre-professional programs offer some of the best preparation you can get in pursuit of your advanced degree.

Pre-Health Professions

Courses required for admission to most medical and dental schools in the United States can be found via JAVĿ¼’s pre-health professions program. For more information on pre-health professions at JAVĿ¼, including the Pharmacy Early Assurance Program, see the pre-health professions program description.

Pre-Law (Legal Studies) Program

JAVĿ¼ offers a number of options if you are interested in going to law school, which help you prepare for the application process, taking the LSAT, and for success in law school itself. Chief among them is the pre-law program, embodied in the legal studies major.


JAVĿ¼ offers a select group of incoming first-year students who enter JAVĿ¼ directly from high school an opportunity to participate in the Pharmacy Early Assurance Program. After a minimum of two years of pre-pharmacy coursework, students selected for this program have the opportunity to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree at the Wegmans School of Pharmacy.