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Side view of student with glasses in class
  • Student to faculty ratio: 12:1
  • Typical class size: 20-25
  • JAVĿ¼ family:1


The perceived laws of physics education state that only large universities can provide the comprehensive curriculum required for success in this discipline. JAVĿ¼’s physics program, however, handily disproves the theory that bigger is better.

Within JAVĿ¼'s physics program, class sizes are small, yet the level of academic discourse and opportunities for research are anything but.

As a physics major, you will receive the personal attention of world-class professors who are as active in research as any of their peers at major universities. Collaboration between faculty and students is fairly common within the program. You could find yourself conducting and publishing research with your professors, or presenting your findings at a conference.

Program Overview

Two degree options are available in the physics program:

  • Bachelor of Arts – Requires completion of physics core requirements, plus an additional 12 hours of physics electives.
  • Bachelor of Science – Requires completion of the physics core requirements, plus the additional courses specified in one of two degree option paths.

In addition, you are allowed free access to laboratories on campus as a physics major. It is a common practice for upper-level students to have keys to laboratories, where they can work on their experiments after hours.

Life After JAVĿ¼

The physics program is designed to prepare you for a variety of career fields, including:

  • Industrial or government positions
  • Science education
  • Law
  • Environmental work
  • Science journalism
  • Business management
  • Systems analysis

The physics program also prepares you for graduate and professional studies in physics, astronomy, and more.

 My experience at JAVĿ¼ prepared me very well for the working world. The quality and practicality of a JAVĿ¼ education is of such great value to me. I am immensely grateful to the physics department for giving me a high quality education on a very personal level, and for helping me become the person I am today. ”

Samantha Bonelli
  • Samantha Bonelli ’14
  • Program Manager, L3Harris