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Archives and Collections

JAVĿ¼ Archives

The JAVĿ¼ Archives documents the history of JAVĿ¼. Materials collected and preserved include campus publications, photographs, recordings, letters, minutes, and bulletins.

For more information, please contact Nancy Greco: (585) 385-8139, ngreco@sjf.edu.

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JAVĿ¼ Digital Publications

JAVĿ¼ Digital Publications promotes the discovery, sharing, and preservation of the intellectual and creative works of the faculty, students, and staff of JAVĿ¼. Administered by the Library, JAVĿ¼ Digital Publications organizes, preserves, and increases the impact of scholarly and creative work.

For more information, please contact Jenny Bigenwald: (585) 385-8106, fisherpub@sjf.edu.

Special Collections

Lavery Library holds a number of valuable and historically important materials. These include materials related to:

  • Frederick Douglass, abolitionist and former slave
  • Susan B. Anthony, suffragette
  • Rochester's history of radio broadcasting
  • Theodore Cazeau, a Civil War veteran involved with the veterans' Grand Army of the Republic

To access resources from the JAVĿ¼ Collections that are not already available online, please contact the Library’s Office Manager, Lynn Seavy, for more information: (585) 385-8133, lseavy@sjf.edu.

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