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Library Maps

Lavery Library is more than just a library. We are not just about books. The library is a destination for students to optimize their JAVĿ¼ experience and is staffed by people who do what is needed to enable students to succeed.

About Our Facilities

The library has three floors: the Main Level, the Upper Level, and the Lower Level

Main Level

The building entrance is on the Main Level and is also home to the Checkout Desk and Help Desk. This floor has been regularly updated to meet user needs, including group work stations, a laptop-friendly countertop area, and most recently, a coffee area.

Library Map - Main Level

Upper Level

The Upper Level is the only designated quiet space on campus and is frequently sought out by students when they need to get serious. The circulating collection of books and media, as well as bound periodicals, are shelved here. Through careful planning, we are able to create more study space on the Upper Level, which is quickly occupied by students. This floor is also home to our Archives and Special Collections.

Library Map - Upper Level

Lower Level

The Lower Level contains our Gallery Space, K-12 Resource Center, and instruction classrooms:

  • In the gallery, you will find exhibits of student materials and works from local and national artists.
  • The K-12 Resource Center contains nearly 14,000 items of children’s and young adult literature, K-12 textbooks, formal assessments, manipulatives, book club kits, and puppets.
  • Lavery Library staff conduct over 300 instruction sessions per year, many of them in the classrooms in the Library.
Library Map - Lower Level