Quilting Our Community

Quilt-making has a long and storied tradition in the U.S. and especially in New York. Come and help us quilt something new! We have fabric squares and fabric paints and the talent of a staff quilter.

Date: Thursday, November 30, 2023
Time: 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Did you know that Susan B. Anthony was herself a noted quilter who went to quilting bees to advocate for suffrage? Quilts are historically the ways we patch together different materials to create something new.  At JAVĿ¼ we come from different places and are interested in different things but we come together to learn new things every day.

Come and help us quilt something new! We will have fabric squares, fabric paints, and the talent of a staff quilter as we host our own version of quilting bee! If you can’t make our event, we’ll have squares available in Kearney to pick up and contribute to the whole! Every square is welcome. 

Fuel your work with hot cocoa and cookies, too!

Organized by:

Sponsored by the School of Arts and Sciences