Resources for Veterans, Military Students, and Their Families

JAVĿ¼ supports the educational goals of our veteran and military students. We offer support and guidance to administer financial benefits from the Veterans Administration or your military branch.

To be considered for additional financial assistance, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at  each year by January 15. Full-time undergraduate students are required to complete the FAFSA.

Once you have received your acceptance to JAVĿ¼ and submitted the FAFSA, a financial aid award offer will be generated for you. View the Financial Aid website for a timeline and checklist of the next steps in the financial aid process.

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VA Benefits

If you are eligible for financial benefits from the Veterans Administration, contact the JAVĿ¼'s Office of Veterans Affairs in Kearney 201. A copy of your Certificate of Eligibility is necessary to complete the application process.

Chapter 33

Post-9/11 GI Bill

Under the Post-9/11 GI Bill, Veterans may receive up to full tuition and fees, a monthly housing allowance, and a yearly books and supplies stipend. It is anticipated that several hundred thousand veterans are eligible, and some benefits are transferable to spouses and children as well. JAVĿ¼ requires undergraduate students eligible for Chapter 33 benefits to complete the annually. For detailed information about the Post-9/11 GI Bill and eligibility, veterans should contact the .

Yellow Ribbon Program

JAVĿ¼ is also a proud participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program, which is an additional benefit authorized under the new Post-9/11 GI Bill. This program, in combination with the Post-9/11 GI Bill and other federal aid, may cover full tuition and fees for eligible veterans. The Yellow Ribbon Program at JAVĿ¼ was recently expanded to include eligible undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. Please note that the Yellow Ribbon Program benefits cannot be combined with other JAVĿ¼ tuition discounts. Questions about JAVĿ¼'s participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Services at (585) 385-8042.

Chapter 31

Vocational Rehabilitation is for disabled veterans. This is the most unique program and each school is assigned a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist to work with these students, and to assist the School Certifying Official. These disabled veterans go through a testing process to determine if they are eligible for the benefit. If eligible, the VA sends an authorization. Full tuition, fees, books, and in many cases, even parking are paid by the VA to the school. In addition, the student gets a monthly check depending on the training status.

Chapter 30

The Montgomery GI Bill is for individuals who have been on active duty since July 1, 1985 and paid into an education fund for one year.

Chapter 1606-1607

The Montgomery GI Bill - Selective Reserves (formerly chapter 106) is for individuals in the Selected Reserves or National Guard (not on active duty). They must be currently and actively drilling and under a 6-year contract. They are only eligible for benefits as long as they remain in the reserves.

Chapter 32

The Veterans Educational Assistance Program is the post-Vietnam era program. It is for individuals who served on active duty from January 1, 1977 to June 30, 1985. This program is sometimes called VEAP.

Chapter 35

The Dependents Educational Assistance Program is the only benefit for individuals without military service. It is for the dependents of a member of the Armed Forces who has died while on active duty or as the result of a service-connected disability, or is 100% permanently and totally disabled for a service-related reason. Dependents receive up to 45 months of full-time benefits. Children generally are eligible for benefits between the ages of 18 and 26, but in certain instances may begin before age 18 and continue beyond age 26.

JAVĿ¼ recommends students:

  • File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at .
  • Contact JAVĿ¼'s Department of Veterans Affairs at for information regarding enrollment and to address any questions.
  • Submit your Educational Benefit Claim available on the .
  • Submit your Certificate of Eligibility provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs detailing entitled educational benefit to JAVĿ¼'s Department of Veterans Affairs at

Military Tuition Assistance

The Military Tuition Assistance (TA) program is available to active duty, National Guard, and Reserve Component service members. To be eligible for TA, an enlisted service member must have enough time remaining in service to complete the course for which he or she has applied. After the completion of a course, an officer using TA must fulfill a service obligation that runs parallel with - not in addition to - any existing service obligation. The TA program will fund up to 100 percent of your college tuition and certain fees with the following limits:

  • Not to exceed $250 per semester credit hour
  • Not to exceed $4,500 per fiscal year, October 1 through September 30

Each military service branch and component has its own criteria for TA eligibility, military service obligation, application process, and restrictions. More information and a link to the application and procedures can be found on the .

JAVĿ¼ recommends students:

  • First, speak with and gain the approval from your Educational Services Officer (ESO) or counselor within your Military Service before enrolling to ensure you are eligible for TA. For more information, visit the military service branch website:
  • Submit documentation of your approved TA to JAVĿ¼'s Department of Veterans Affairs at

Additional Veterans and Military Resources

JAVĿ¼'s Offices of Veterans Affairs and Student Financial Services, both located in Kearney Hall, provide individual educational financial counseling to assist students in meeting their educational goals and financial needs. Students who have filed a FAFSA can access financial aid information on (login required).

Veterans Affairs
Phone: (585) 385-8015
Fax: (585) 385-7303

Student Financial Services
Phone: (585) 385-8042

Education (GI Bill): 1-888-442-4551
VA Benefits: 1-800-827-1000

Other resources: